BUSINESS CLASS CABIN Business class cabin

A feeling of being wrapped comfortably. Compactly condensed space and equipment necessary for a comfortable stay!
At a height of 2.1m, there is no feeling of oppression!
Equipped with a security box next to the 100cm single size bed (width: 74cm, depth: 15cm, height: 45cm)
Cabin type Business class cabin
size W1.2 x D2.1 x H2.1 m
Breadth 2.5㎡
Capacity 1 person
floor Separate floor for men and women
Introduction facility [Tokyo] Atagoyama/Akasaka/Haneda/Ichigaya [Osaka] Kansai Airport/Nishi Umeda [Fukuoka] Hakata [Nagasaki] Nagasaki
  • Because it is a simple lodging house, it is not possible to lock the cabin by law.
  • Sound may leak to the surroundings because it is partitioned by a roll screen.
  • You can enter the cabin area with a security card that you will receive at check-in.
  • The building is divided into a male-only area and a female-only area.
  • For the comfort of everyone, we do not allow children under the age of 12 to use our facilities. We appreciate your understanding.

CABIN FACILITIES Equipment in the cabin

32 (26) inch TV
100 cm wide single size bed
Comfortable sleep with a firm mattress.
Side counter
A convenient counter where you can put small items such as mobile phones.
Free Wi-Fi is available in the cabin and in the lounge.
Control panel
The bedside control panel is equipped with two power outlets, a clock, a headphone jack, air conditioning, and a dimming switch to support a comfortable stay.
Safe with key
A lockable safety box is provided by the bedside. It's deep enough to fit business bags and computers.
Width: 74cm Depth: 15cm Height: 45cm

LOCATIONS Handling facilities for this cabin

First Cabin Kyoto Nijo Castle
[Access] From Kyoto Station, get off at Subway Karasuma Line "Marutamachi Station"
17:00 10:00
First Cabin Atagoyama
[Access] 5 minutes from Onarimon Station, 11 minutes from Shimbashi Station, 10 minutes from Toranomon Station, 10 minutes from Kamiyacho Station
17:00 10:00
First Cabin Akasaka
[Access] "Akasaka Station" 1 minute, "Tameike Sanno Station" 5 minutes, "Akasaka Mitsuke Station" 6 minutes
17:00 10:00
First Cabin Haneda Terminal 1
[Access] Inside Haneda Airport Terminal 1
Check-in 19:00 / Check-out 10:00
First Cabin Ichigaya
[Access] 1 minute walk from Ichigaya Station
Check in 15:00~ Check out ~10:00
Osaka prefecture
First Cabin Kansai Airport
[Access] Directly connected to JR/Nankai Kansai Airport Station, 3rd floor of Aeroplaza
Check-in 17:00 / Check-out 10:00
Osaka prefecture
First Cabin Nishi Umeda
[Access] 2 minutes on foot from Hanshin Main Line "Fukushima Station", within walking distance of "Osaka Station"
17:00 10:00
Fukuoka Prefecture
First Cabin Hakata
[Access] Directly connected to Nakasu Kawabata Subway Station, 4 stations from Fukuoka Airport and 2 stations from Hakata.
Check-in 17:00 / Check-out 10:00
Nagasaki Prefecture
First Cabin Nagasaki
[Access] 1 minute walk from the tram stop "Kankodenden"
Check-in 17:00 / Check-out 10:00
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