New accommodation value promised by First Cabin

STAY SMART Smart, high-quality choices that fulfill me

The first cabin is
It is a compact hotel with the image of first class on an airplane.
A wise choice to stay in the city center casually,
Enjoy a hotel stay that gives you time to spare and enriches your mind and body.
Careful design
Not only the guest rooms, but also the front lounge and all the facilities you use are totally designed. You can use it comfortably and comfortably.
High hospitality
From pick-up to return, we will provide the maximum hospitality to our customers in all scenes. Please spend your time comfortably.
Security that is safe for women
The hotel is divided into men's and women's areas, so even female customers can use it with peace of mind. In addition, each cabin is equipped with a security box with a key, so you don't have to worry about managing your valuables.

FIRST CABIN QUALITY 8 things First Cabin offers

convenient location
First Cabin is within a 5-minute walk from the nearest station to all facilities. Gives you a time and place to stay late at work or get ready for the next morning.
reasonable price
It is more reasonable than a business hotel and offers a more spacious and comfortable space than a capsule hotel.
All facilities equipped with a large public bath
All facilities are equipped with a large public bath, shower booth, and powder room, so you can spend a relaxing time.
Some facilities have a sauna.
plenty of shared space
We have plenty of common spaces such as lounges and cafe bars.
The whole building is equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can use it according to your situation, such as work, study, hobby, or relaxation.
Separate floor for men and women
The accommodation area with cabins is divided into areas for men and women so that all customers can use it without hesitation.
A key is required for each area.
A full range of amenities and rental equipment
In addition to general amenities such as in-house wear and body towels, we also have items that women will love, such as makeup remover, lotion, and hair irons.
*Amenities and rental equipment vary depending on the facility.
Safe with key
All cabins (except Premium Class, which can be locked) have lockable safety boxes.
You can rest assured when using the common areas or when going out.
Thorough virus infection prevention measures
Based on the guidance of the local government, we are taking various virus countermeasures such as regular disinfection cleaning and ventilation of the common areas of the building.
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