30 seconds walk from Akasaka Station!
Right next to Akasaka Sacas!
The rooms are separated into men's and women's floors, so women can feel at ease!

First Cabin Akasaka

address 3-13-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
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phone number 03-3583-1143
check-in 17:00 (last 28:00)
check out 10:00 10:00
Corresponding cabin
There is room cleaning from 10:00 to 16:00. note that.

ACCESS access

About a 1-minute walk from Exit 2 of Akasaka Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
About a 5-minute walk from Exits 7 and 10 of "Tameike Sanno Station" on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Namboku Line
About a 6-minute walk from Exit 10 of Akasaka Mitsuke Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Marunouchi Line

Features of First Cabin Akasaka

  • Excellent access, 3 stations and 4 lines within walking distance
  • Enjoy a comfortable stay with plenty of amenities!
  • There is a cafe attached where you can casually stop by and have a meal.
  • In-house Wi-Fi available! There is a relaxing lounge with TV.
1 minute walk from Akasaka Station Exit 2, great access to popular sightseeing spots!
Full of amenities!
A spacious powder room is also available.
Equipped with a cafe that can be used casually. Can be used as a lounge after closing.

Cabins at this property

    First class cabin
    Business class cabin
A spacious space with a width, depth and height of 2.1m
There is also a side table next to the bed where you can change clothes
Amenity such as comfortable room wear is enriched
There is also a safety box with a key. (Width: 86.5cm Depth: 42cm Height: 17cm)
Cabin type First class cabin
Capacity 1 person
size W2.1 x D2.1 x H2.1 m
Breadth 4.4㎡
Equipment in the cabin 32-inch LCD TV ・120cm wide semi-double bed ・Side table ・Safe box with key ・Control panel ・Wi-Fi
Because it is a simple lodging house, it is not possible to lock the cabin by law.
Accordion curtains are used to separate the rooms, so sound may leak to the surroundings.
You can enter the cabin area with a security card that you will receive at check-in.
The building is divided into a male-only area and a female-only area.
For the comfort of everyone, we do not allow children under the age of 12 to use our facilities. We appreciate your understanding.
A feeling of being wrapped comfortably. Compactly condensed space and equipment necessary for a comfortable stay!
At a height of 2.1m, there is no feeling of oppression!
Equipped with a security box next to the 100cm single size bed (width: 74cm, depth: 15cm, height: 45cm)
Cabin type Business class cabin
Capacity 1 person
size W1.2 x D2.1 x H2.1 m
Breadth 2.5㎡
Equipment in the cabin 32 (26) inch TV ・100cm width single size bed ・Side counter ・Wi-Fi ・Control panel ・Safe box with key
Because it is a simple lodging house, it is not possible to lock the cabin by law.
Sound may leak to the surroundings because it is partitioned by a roll screen.
You can enter the cabin area with a security card that you will receive at check-in.
The building is divided into a male-only area and a female-only area.
For the comfort of everyone, we do not allow children under the age of 12 to use our facilities. We appreciate your understanding.

A full range of services

Number of cabins

Male cabins 72 cabins Female cabins 51 cabins Total 123 cabins


You can use the following credit cards for payment.
VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, UnionPay, Shinhan, Transportation, iD, WAON, Rakuten Edy

Common space

Lounge, public bath, shower booth, powder room, cloakroom, smoking room


Cabin wear, disposable slippers, bath towels, face towels, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cotton swabs, hair dryer, razor set, hairbrush
<Women only>Facial cleanser, makeup remover, lotion, milky lotion, cotton pads, curling irons

Rental items (free)

Irons, humidifiers, smartphone chargers (limited number, please ask at the front desk)

Rental items (charged)

Additional towel set (body towel / face towel) ¥ 100

Contact lens storage solution ¥150


<Vendor corner>
Vending machines are installed in the hotel. (drinks, alcohol) ¥100~

<Coin laundry>
Laundry ¥300/35 minutes~
Drying ¥100/30 minutes



FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

About the cabin
Do you have a bath / toilet in your room?

There are no baths or toilets in each cabin. Please use the shared washroom, toilet, large bath, and shower booth.

Can I smoke in the cabin?

All cabins are non-smoking. Please use the smoking booth for smoking.

Can you hear the sounds around you?

Since it is a partition of the curtain, you may hear some ambient sounds. If you are concerned, we will give you earplugs free of charge at the front desk.

Is the cabin (guest room) locked?

Since First Cabin is a simple lodging under the Inns and Hotels Act, it is not possible to lock the entrance of each cabin.
All cabins are equipped with a lockable safety box.
In addition, the entrance of the cabin is separated by a curtain instead of a door.

How do you watch TV?

You can watch it with headphones or earphones without hesitation.

About use
Can you stay with your family?

All cabins have a maximum occupancy of 1 person. In addition, the hall is divided into a men's area and a women's area.
There is also a shared lounge where the whole family can have a chat, so please use it.
In order to ensure a comfortable stay for everyone, we do not allow guests under the age of 12 to use the facilities. note that.

Can I stay only for minors?

If you are between 13 and 18 years old and you are staying alone, you will need a parental consent form.
Please present the consent form at the front desk upon check-in.
You can download the consent form here .

Can I leave my luggage in advance?

We will keep your luggage before check-in and after check-in only on the day of your stay.

Is there a curfew?

There is no curfew. You can come and go at any time.

Do I need to check out daily for consecutive nights?

When applying for consecutive nights, check-out is only on the last day.

Is it possible to shoot videos at the facility during my stay?

First Cabin has the following rules regarding shooting inside the facility.
Please observe this policy so that all hotel guests can stay comfortably and with peace of mind.
1. Please refrain from reflecting other customers or taking pictures that may cause inconvenience.
2. Please refrain from taking pictures of staff without permission.
3. It is prohibited to enter the cabin other than your own room.
4. In principle, shooting in the large communal bath and powder room is prohibited.
* If requested in advance, the staff may accompany you to take pictures only when other customers are absent.
5. If you find a photo or video post that violates the regulations, we may ask you to delete the post.

About reservation
How can I confirm or cancel my reservation?

Please click here to confirm or cancel your reservation.
*For reservations made through other sites such as online reservation sites, please contact the person who made the reservation.

I forgot my password.

Please set a password from here .

About the membership system
Please tell me about the membership benefits of the FIRST CABIN member club

We offer the following two benefits. Click here for details.
・Granting of gift points according to the accommodation fee

Where can I register as a member?

You can register by entering the required information on this page.

Where can I cancel my membership?

You can unsubscribe by logging in from the official website and following the steps below.
Please note that once you withdraw from the membership, the points you had will expire.
Login/Reservation Confirmation > My Page Top (button on the top right of the page) > Confirm/Edit Membership Information > Cancel Membership

Please tell me about gift points.

Points will be given for the usage fee (excluding tax) when making a reservation on the official website. Accumulated points can be exchanged for gifts of your choice <Point criteria>
・Granted amount: 1% of the total reservation amount ・Date of grant: The day after checkout ・Expiration date: 1 year from the date of grant
・Telephone reservations and direct reservations at the front desk are not eligible for points. ・Additional charges incurred during your stay are not eligible for points. ・Points will not be awarded if you cancel your reservation. When using the free night gift, please be sure to use the local payment at the time of reservation (discounts cannot be applied if advance payment is selected)

Please tell me how to check and use points

Please log in from the official website and follow the steps below.
<Confirmation method>
You can check the number of points you currently have from the available points on My Page.
In addition, the points awarded at the time of reservation can be confirmed each time on the confirmation screen of the reservation details.
<How to use>
A list of gifts will be displayed on the reservation details confirmation screen when making a reservation. Use the points you have and use the gift of your choice.

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