First Cabin New Membership System [FIRST CABIN Member Club] Release Information


First Cabin HD Co., Ltd. will start a new membership system [FIRST CABIN Member Club] service on April 3, 2023.

To commemorate the birth of this membership system, we will carry out an initial discount campaign for customers who have registered as members by June 30, 2023. We are distributing a special coupon that will be an additional 200 yen off from the usage fee on the official website, so please apply at this opportunity.

Click here for details of the membership system.

In addition, we plan to start a new point service in the future. Points will be awarded for accommodation reservations made after April 24th .

Please note that accommodation reservations made before April 23rd will not be eligible for points even if the check-in date is after April 24th.

Click here for member registration

Please note that due to the renewal of the official website, existing member information will not be carried over. Please re-register your membership information and take advantage of the special discount benefits.

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