MORE TOKYO plan sales will resume from September 1st♪


~moreTOKYOPlan Sales resumed from September 1st ~


Citizen Discount "More Tokyo" will resume from noon on September 1st♪

Tokyo Citizen Discount "Motto Tokyo 2022", which offers up to 5,000 yen discount on trips within Tokyo by Tokyo residents, will resume from noon on September 1st.

Reservations will be accepted from 12:00 (noon) on September 1, 2022 ~

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

* All room rates will be discounted by 5,000 yen from the price displayed at the time of booking.


■ Target facilities

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First Cabin Ichigaya 

First Cabin Atagoyama

First Cabin Akasaka

First Cabin Haneda

Please be sure to read the confirmation items before using.

■ Eligible people

◎Proof of residence in Tokyo, vaccination history (3 times), or negative PCR test etc. Those who can

・There is no problem with submitting a photocopy of an image or a copy of the vaccination as proof of vaccination.
・You will be required to take a PCR test, antigen quantitative test, or antigen qualitative test in advance and present a negative certificate (test result notification).

■ Discount amount

・Overnight travel: 5,000 yen discount for purchases of 6,000 yen or more per person per night

■ Reception start date

Limited to reservations after 12:00 (noon) on September 1, 2022 *Applies to "More Tokyo" eligible products that have been reserved after September 1st.

■ Target period

September 1st to September 30th, 2022 (until check-out on October 1st)

■ Use restrictions

・Consecutive night limit: 5 nights per trip

・ Number of times limit: There is no limit to the number of times you can use

・Day use is not applicable

・Can be used for business purposes

・Reservations made before noon on September 1 are not eligible.

・As soon as the subsidy budget reaches the upper limit, the subsidy application will end.

■How to use

At check-in, please present your "ID card" for resident confirmation, "documents that can confirm that you have been vaccinated for 3 doses or a negative PCR test, etc.", and the application form.

Please check this out for details. More Tokyo homepage

We look forward to welcoming you to the people of Tokyo!

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For groups of 2 or more, please check the availability on each facility page.

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