[Atagoyama limited event] Anniversary Lotto 2023★Winning numbers announced

First Cabin Atagoyama

First Cabin Atagoyama

We are pleased to announce the winning numbers for Anniversary Lotto!

Thank you very much for using our service during this period.

We will continue to cherish our connections with all of you,

With the slogan "Stay at a bargain and make your trip a little more luxurious",

We will continue to aim to be a hotel where you can relax without change.

≪Winning number≫

★Free accommodation coupon (1 night)

20230755 20231503 20233316  

★Voucher (¥1,100 min)

20230008 20230196 20230911

20231374 20231765 20231953

20232491 20232802

Congratulations to all the winners!

Please check the usage below.

≪How to use≫

・You can use the winning lottery card as a free accommodation voucher for one room and one night, or a discount voucher (¥1,100).

・Please make a reservation on the official website, by phone, or at the front desk.

・Discount coupons can also be used for the day-use SPA public bath plan (¥1,100) and lounge menu.

・Accommodation tickets can only be used for the (no meals) plan. Please note that plans that include breakfast are not available.

・Please present your lottery card at check-in.

・Lotto cards cannot be reissued or refunded.

≪Expiration date for benefits≫

Stay until Sunday, March 31, 2024

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If you have any questions, please contact First Cabin Atagoyama.

03-3433-1126 (Reception 05:30-26:00)

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